The Back to Roots team are holding their BJSM approved course in Ghent University!!

The Back to Roots team believe that there is a huge elephant in the room with implementing clinical guidelines.  They understand the great uncertainty around patient centred care and individual application of a more BPS influenced model of care.

Yet the Back to Roots team believe that what clinical guidelines actually offer us within the uncertainty and greyness is actually an infinite scope to apply rehabilitation in ways that are meaningful, relevant, fun and more likely to engage the patient with the program.

From generating buy in to having the confidence to create your own identity with MSK rehab, the B2R team will share ideas and concepts which are fluid, flexible, playful and emergent.

Back To Roots




Day 1

9am-9.30am Back to Roots Story Introduction

9.30-10.30am Rhythm and Social Play communication games

10.30 am- 10.45am Coffee Break

10.45am-12.30pm "Active Self Management Lecture"  (A journey through the scientific literature on Active Self Management with offered solutions on how to interpret this evidence for effective active self management.

12.30-1.30pm Lunch Break

1.30-2pm Social Movement Energizer

2pm-4pm Practical combined lecture introducing the concept of "Constraint based play in rehabilitation" as well as an introduction in the coaching concept of Non Linear Pedagogy

4-4.15pm Coffee Break

4.15-5pm Progressions of Constraint based play with game examples

5-6pm Evidence informed Presentation on Exercise Rehab Myths

Day 2

9am-10.30pa  Interactive Lecture on Bayesian Brain concepts, Predictive Priors and Movement Variability concepts in human movement.

10.30am-10.45am Coffee Break

10.45-12.30pm Practical - Progressions of Constraint based play with scenarios likely to be meaningful and relevant to patients.

12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch Break

1.30pm-3pm Lecture on the research behind Graded exposure and expectancy violation.  Chronic pain and the brain and PLAY, natures answer to dealing with all the inevitable uncertainty. 

3pm-3.15 Coffee Break

3.15-4pm Blackboard session "How to create buy in with patients towards an active approach".  Also included is the Louis Gifford influenced

Onze cursussen gaan standaard door van 9u tot 17u, tenzij anders vermeld.

Koffiepauzes, lunch en cursusmateriaal zijn inbegrepen.

Betalen via kmo-portefeuille: 30% korting. IPVK - DV.O103194

Accreditatie aangevraagd bij  Pro-Q-Kine

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The Back to Roots team are holding their BJSM approved course in Ghent University!!


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03/06/2022 - 09:00-18:00
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